Why is Microsoft Word worth its cost?

Because it has features that free applications, like Google Docs, doesn’t.  Simple. Don’t get me wrong, Google Docs is great.  I use it almost every day in my personal life.  When I was a student myself I found that Word could do things for me that Docs could not.  Like format a works-cited page or bibliography for me, correctly.  It also tracks use of citations and can auto-update those citations throughout an entire document.  No longer did I worry about correct format or anything else that my professors would penalize me for getting wrong.

I love showing this feature to students.  The reaction I usually get is something like “Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about this”!  Well, I’m telling you.

It’s so simple too.

Here is more info on the feature: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/add-a-citation-and-create-a-bibliography-17686589-4824-4940-9c69-342c289fa2a5.

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